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At just 15 years old, Cross was drugged and chained in an attic, sold and raped several times daily for nearly a year.“If things could've ended earlier, there's things that I might not have had to endure,” Cross says.The STAAR -- Stop The Abuse And Rescue -- Ministry founder now helps other victims and survivors in Pinellas County. Two sisters created the new app called Traffick Cam. can then cross-reference those pictures with hotel photos of trafficking victims that typically appear online to see if there are any similarities using cutting-edge image analysis.“The algorithm that is being run is actually matching data points in the clean photos that the public is uploading and comparing it to photos that are found online,” says Molly Hackett, creator of the app.“Having an app like that will be a very beneficial and useful tool,” says Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Detective Larry Mc Kinnon.If you're a loser in the dating game, your name might be part of the problem.New research has revealed that the vowel sounds in your name could influence how others judge the attractiveness of your face.

but if your name is Paul you might have to work harder to snare a date. Women with round-sounding names such as Laura tended to score higher than those with smaller vowel sounds.She later posted the same photographs with different names, and once again collected the feedback.Average scores for the faces changed depending on the name they were given, Perfors told the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society last week in Chicago, Illinois. For boys, a good name will contain vowel sounds made at the front of the mouth, such as 'e' or 'i' sounds; names with fuller, rounder vowel sounds such as 'u' tend to score lower.Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies.Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine.

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