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Lucky for you, it’s an easy pit stop on your way east.

On your way back, stop off at Nowadays, the sprawling outdoor drink garden on the Queens/Brooklyn border. You’ve even got a plan for where to grab a nightcap afterward.

Having the fewest outside concerns on your mind and not having to worry about an end time fast approaching will let your lovey-dovey energy flow more freely. A favorite restaurant followed by a movie in a nearby town you don't know too well.San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer reviewed this bar in May and called its cocktails "some of the best in the city." The most popular cocktail is the "Barkeep's Whimsy," a constantly changing drink based on the bartender's mood. This bar operated as a speakeasy during the Prohibition era and still maintains that secretive vibe today.You'll need to make a reservation to get the password to get in.) pays off in many ways, as you explore and discover new features in your town, so you will in your relationship and your partner.Here's five fun and unique date ways to turn an average date night into an unforgettable evening:1.

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