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In April 2007, a new Durham Region Transit Executive Committee was created to take over day-to-day oversight responsibilities, with the full Commission meeting on a limited basis as needed.

The Executive Committee consists of the Regional Chair and one councilor from each of the eight Durham Region municipalities as appointed by the Mayor of each municipality.

DRT is organized into operating divisions mirroring its predecessor systems: Most of DRT's operational and maintenance services are provided by regional staff who are members of Canadian Auto Workers Local 222.

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That is, after the drivers of more than 100 vintage and classic vehicles dip their tires in the Pacific Ocean in Victoria, B. This year, he has prepared another vintage ambulance with a long B. “I built it with common components so I can stop at auto wreckers along the way and get replacement parts if necessary,” Field says, a hint of pride in his voice.Does anyone know anything about a Jonsered 70E chainsaw? Is the saw worth much, either to use or as a collector's saw? John Mc Looks like it was one of the early electronic ignition saws. Here's the info page from Mike Acre's site. It was one of the first electronic ignition saws, and at 70 cc was intended for the professional market.The widow of an old friend of mine is selling some of his old tools. She doesn't know what she has here, and I'm not able to help much. Unfortunately the professionals didn't quite trust that new-fangled electronic stuff (at least in these parts) so it didn't sell very well.I ran mine for 20 years, including a bunch of chainsaw milling.Didn't take too much maintenance -- change the plug once in a while, clean the filter, and rebuild the carb once a year .

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