Double standards in dating

Are the expectations of men that low, or have women not set expectations and standards for themselves?

There are a number of categories in dating people use to define their relationship status; however the two primary categories in dating; are the categories people often confuse which brings about the dating double standard.

She admits to kissing a lot of frogs in her travels across the pond and throughout the states.

is thought of as a form of courtship involving two people exclusively for the purpose of assessing one’s character for companionship, with the possibility of marriage.

Sure, most guys write lame messages to women and never get any response, but at least they have an opportunity to make a move, so to speak.

And eventually, if they learn how to put their best foot forward, they will start meeting women.

Anna is only 30, but she says some men already think she’s too old to date!

She says men her age only want “22-year-old bimbos” and are turned off by her success and independence.

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